Phil Kiernan, Commercial Director, HK Developers

Phil Kiernan

[ Commercial director ]


Phil Kiernan; proud father of Triplets and married to the beautiful Manda Kiernan

From Dublin and arrived in the UK 1989 working in the hospitality industry.

Phil has had numerous commercial properties in his portfolio since 2000 including pubs, restaurants and B&Bs.

Built up a portfolio of single let freehold houses & apartments in the southwest and also HMOs “House of multiple occupation” from 2016 onwards.

Started his development business in 2019 with fellow Dubliner Emmet Hart specialising in high end barn conversions in the Cotswolds & Southwest.

Phil’s entrepreneurial-ship has brought him success in all aspects of his businesses throughout his career.

Phil’s passion drive and enthusiasm is very easy to see it in all aspects of his life whether it’s working or family.

Phil is a peoples person and loves to be surrounded with likeminded people enjoys all aspects of family life including a decent glass of red wine.

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